Ayurveda and Yoga

The Ayurveda Experience at Coconut Bay

Once you arrive at Coconut Bay, you are then guided through a careful planning of your individual Ayurveda Therapy Programme based on the diagnosis made by our doctors during your first in depth meeting. The Coconut Bay Ayurveda Center has developed under the leadership of our chief physician Dr. Veena K. Her team includes Senior Doctors, Dr. Swathy Gopal and Dr. Sheeba Beegum.

The real essence of our Ayurveda Treatments is delivered by our expert team of 21 massage therapists comprising of 14 female therapists and 7 male therapists. Our Ayurveda Coordinator Mr. Martin John will take care of any special requests you may have regarding your treatment timings.

Our Ayurvedic center is built in a traditional manner that allows Ayurvedic Principles to foster. There are a total of ten treatment rooms, one steam bath chamber room, and two doctors consulting rooms with a small lobby for guests. At our Ayurveda Shop you can buy herbal products and other Ayurveda medicines at the best prices.

In case you would like to arrange a translator during your stay, kindly inform reservations while making your booking.
Ayurveda Diet and Medicines
Certain Ayurveda Diet details which include your medicine schedule, dietary specifications etc will be passed onto to our Restaurant Team who are ready to take care of all your dietary needs.
Yoga at Coconut Bay
The key to live an effective Ayurveda lifestyle also rests within the power to attain complete relaxation through Yoga and Meditation.
Our Ayurveda and Yoga Family
Meet the team of professionals at our Ayurveda and Yoga Center